A sombre post; abuse

Child abuse is something we do not like to read about in the media. When we read about the sexual abuse of children in the paper, or hear about it on the news, we shudder and wonder why this atrocity happens. It is a happening we would like to turn a blind eye to; but it is something that affects the psyche of the child abused. And it is an occurrence that happens frequently in the homes of the child and by people that they know. It is not often that those who are/were abused tell their story. Yesterday I read one such story which I would like to share with you. This from the heart experience is well worth the read.


5 thoughts on “A sombre post; abuse

  1. These stories make me feel physically sick. A normal ‘happy’ childhood is filled with enough insecurity and volatility of emotion anyway – when such awful events are added to them, one shudders to imagine what it does to the child.


  2. Hi,
    It is really sickening to think there are people out there that do these things to children, and the psychological effect it must have on the child must be horrendous.


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