An Ongoing Relationship

I see my desire to increase my fitness level more than just a New Year’s resolution. I see it instead as an on-again, off-again relationship. Often during the course of the year I decide I really need to improve my relationship with the treadmill, the weights, and the DVD that is next to my player. I know that for my health and physical benefit, I need to see this view every morning after I have woken up:

Resolved. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2012
Resolved. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2012

But every few weeks life gets in the way: work, family obligations, sickness – or my blogging. Oh yes! Since I began my relationship with WordPress, I do admit the call of the treadmill has lessened!

Once again I have made a commitment to work off those calories, and to build those muscles. How long will the resolve last? Time will tell as the pressures at work increase, children’s activities take precedence to my own needs, and my desire to blog overcomes my desire to get fit.

What is your relationship with your exercise regime?

(This blog post was inspired by Sara Rosso of the WordPress team. The prompt this week is: Resolved)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2012


38 thoughts on “An Ongoing Relationship

  1. Good luck, Colline. It never lasts for me, especially with body movement not wanting to be as flexible and cooperative as it use to be. BLAH! I will have to resort to less cookies and more celery and carrots. Now lets see how long THAT lasts! 🙂


    1. My routine is to walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes, and then to do some weight exercises following the DVD that I have. Seems to work – IF I remain committed 🙂


  2. You can do it! Me, well, I am eating well. I do prefer writing to exercise on the treadmill, too! I’m going to try to dancercise more often, but I’m not making promises!

    Resolution for this year. To have no resolutions that add stress to my life.


  3. After the holidays, it is hard to go back on track but we have to. I am also trying to stay fit and try to drag myself to the gym if I can. Let’s make 2013 a year of great health and good life. Happy New Year!


    1. I find that once I am in a routine for a while it sticks – until I get sick 😦
      Hope you find your way to the gym more often than not this year. Happy 2013 to you too.


  4. Colline I have had an aversion to exercis most of my married life! But seeing my M-i-Law’s physical deterioration has been a terrifying eye-opener. Osteoporosis has caused her so much pain, despite medication. Spending years laying on her bed reading, a result of foot and back pain, has caused her muscles to atrophy, she can’t even hold her body upright when seated. She doesn’t have the strength to feed herself now. She needs assistance for every single thing.
    This means my attitude is changing! I am determined to exercise for stamina, strength and enjoyment of my life. I have plans to travel to Italy, Ireland and re-do England after last years ankle disaster. I need to heal my ankle, and exercise for strenggth to cope. I am still only patially weight-bearing, but I’ determined to start ASAP!


    1. You are so right Charlene. When you see people with their backs bent, struggling to you it is a reminder that the time spent on exercise is never a waste. Even a simple exercise such as walking has much benefit.


  5. Colline,
    Almost the same situation here. “Truth is, these are mere excuses” I have been told by a friend who started running every morning or evening one year ago on a daily basis. She still does it and once it became a routine, it became part of her daily life as well. I hope you achieve this goal. It would be a huge step forward.


  6. My relationship with exercise is definitely a love/hate relationship. As with anything, what works for me is to ignore the ‘hate’ and focus on the ‘love’. I hate the gym, the treadmill, and no matter how much I like the results trying to force myself to do something I don’t enjoy simply does not work. However I do enjoy hiking, cycling, walking so I rather focus on these things. I like that the activity itself is a reward rather than having to force myself into doing something I don’t like in order to reap the reward afterwards…if this makes any sense. I also walk to work, the market, the library, these things make sure that I’m going to get some exercise each day and I don’t have to try to ‘fit’ in into my schedule.


    1. I too walk everywhere – but it is just not enough. I have a few kgs I need to lose so my idea is to walk a bit more on the treadmill. I always tell my girls that when they are old enough to look after themselves in the evening, I will grab their daddy to go dancing. The best exercise of all – to move to music and have fun while doing it!


  7. My exercise regime is definitely not treadmill based – I too find such exercise uninspiring 😉 I bought myself a new bike in the ASutumn with the intent to get out on it regularly but then I caught the nasty head cold that has been circulating continuously in our area and it’s taken all of 3 months to finally really shake it off. So I’m hoping to get back on the bike again next week. Apart from that I enjoy a good long distance walk with my camera 🙂

    Good luck with your resolution – hope you can shake off those pounds 🙂


  8. You know what would be cool? Designing your own photo or writing challenge tied to your weekly workout. You would be committed to reporting (or telling an interesting story or challenge) about your fitness journey that week to your equally committed fans and thus neglecting neither your workout nor your blog.

    Not sure how appealing that is to you, but it could be a win-win-win-win-etc situation 😉


  9. I just reorganize my home gym, now i just need to back to using it. When I do used the treadmill I listen to music and can get up to a hour on it. I wish you luck


      1. You did note the double-meaining in the vice in my advice? 🙂
        I don’t like a relationship with anything I don’t love, and I don’t like gyms. Thus I prefer to get exercise in doing things that appeal to me like riding or swimming or fast explorations of the beach.


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