Opportunity Knocks

They say that opportunity knocks but once.

That may be so, but I believe that opportunity knocks more than once – but just in different ways.

The first time an opportunity comes knocking in your life, you may not be ready to receive it. Or you may not even hear the knock. You may be overwhelmed with what is happening in your life and you may not pay attention to what is at your door.

But the chance will come again. I believe. In the form of another person, or another event. At a different time of your life. When you are older, wiser, more aware of the happenings around you. It may come at a time when yo are more willing to take the chance, to risk your pride or even your fear.

Opportunity knocks. And it knocks more than once. It is up to you to open the door and take the plunge, to invite into your life the change that the opportunity brings. We may live our lives welcoming these opportunities; or ignoring them and passing by on the steps we could take to change the path of our lives.

I try to be aware of opportunities; but sometimes I realise too late that I have missed a chance. But I know that others will come along. I am hopeful that next time I will notice them before it is too late.

Have you missed any opportunities in your life?

(This post was inspired by the prompt, opportunity, given by Lisa-Jo Baker)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2012


14 thoughts on “Opportunity Knocks

  1. Oh yes! Sometimes an opportunity comes along that you just can not take advantage of. Other times I just didn’t see it in front of me and at other times the opportunity arrived at exactly the right time.

    Happiest of New years to you and yours! And may opportunity find you all year


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