The New Year Begins

The past week and a bit have gone by

In a flurry of activity,

A haze of warmth and family,

The companionship of eating together and watching movies


I have savoured each moment as I savoured the morsels we ate:

Love, joy, happiness.

We enclosed ourselves for a while in a capsule of family.

Shopping, walking in the snow, eating at a restaurant.

The bubble contained us and protected us

In our merriment

Of time spent together.

And now it is time to move our separate ways

As we work, go to school, follow our diverse daily routines.

And I carry within my heart the memory of this time;

A memory to look at when life gets too busy and I need a reminder

Of my family’s love and togetherness.

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2012


12 thoughts on “The New Year Begins

    1. It is for this reason that I love this time of year. Everyone is allowed to take time out – and I enjoy every moment of it.
      Wishes for a happy new year to you as well.


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