My Christmas Menu

The Christmas holidays seem to be synonymous to overeating. Bellies are filled to capacity and yet the tables still groan under the weight of the food left over after we have had our fill. And the desserts cover a table all of their own.

My strategy for my family’s Christmas meal is to not make more than we can possibly eat. I know what my family enjoys eating – and I know how much they can eat. Leftovers are allowed, but not so much that we eat them for days after – reheated and on sandwiches. Below is a working menu for our celebration meal:

  • For a starter, I plan to make a simple, yet creamy, cauliflower soup.
  • Our main meal will centre around a roast chicken (my family do not enjoy eating turkey).
  • I will stuff a few acorn squash halves with rice fried with spring onions and baby tomatoes.
  • My green salad will have some fruit pieces in it, depending on what I buy, with an apple cider-based vinigrette.
  • A bowl of roasted vegetables will adorn the table comprising of a combination of beans, bell peppers, carrots and celery.
  • A baguette of garlic bread will be placed on the side of the table for those who wish to eat some starch.
  • Dessert will be simple: freshly cut fruit layered with ice-cream.
A Christmas Meal. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2012
A Christmas Meal. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2012

And that is it. By choice, I will not have the table laden with a variety of meats – the food on our plates will be mostly vegetables. One simple dessert will suffice as we will still have those Christmas cookies to eat later on with our tea!

What are your plans for your Christmas meal? Will your meal comprise of the traditional turkey? Or will it be more suited to your daily eating plan?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2012


34 thoughts on “My Christmas Menu

  1. Your meal look wonderful Colline. My family won’t be eating turkey either. We usually have lasagna, a green vegetable salad, garlic bread and sweet potato pie and ice cream. That has been our tradition for years. The grandchildren and I make cookies days ahead to wrap up to give to friends and family. Thanks for sharing your meal plan.



  2. Mmmmmm. That looks delicious Colline. We will have the traditional turkey with stuffing, gravy and vegetables. My daughter is bringing pumpkin pie because we all love that desert even though it’s not the traditional desert fare for Christmas. The boys have already put in their requests for chocolate and the traditional shortbreads that we make and decorate together.

    We’ll probably be stuffed….happily!


  3. Looks beautiful and tasty to me. You have a balanced meal there and with the cookies, what more can a tummy ask for? 🙂
    For our part, we will be having the traditional Christmas dinner that my in-laws prepare: lasagna and greens, and yes! plenty of cookies. 🙂


  4. I am not even sure who will be here or where we will go. Can you believe my plans are still up in the air! I wish I were coming to your house. That looks perfect. Enjoy!


  5. Surprisingly we have always had the traditional roast lunch, though having turkey is a relatively new thing. This year though, with 3 vegetarians and one not, it is going to be interesting. I’ve bought a turkey roll thing, which will be fine just for me. We turn up the air conditioning if it is hot and hope to create the atmosphere. Plum pudding and brandy custard for dessert. Though we have a box that we fill with chocolates and lollies and eat those throughout the day as well. Probably way more information that you needed.


  6. We have been promised 40 degs C (104 degs F) on Christmas Eve, and a tad cooler on Christmas Day. Not ideal for cooking!
    Actually, we have a real treat every Christmas – King Prawns and fresh green salads for mains. For dessert, we have a big trifle that usually lasts an extra day or two. Because it’s usually quite hot on Christmas day, no one wants a big meal. Suits me!


  7. Looks good – I think ours will be similar. The dessert will be my department – a fruit salad based largely on pineapple and bananas with ice cream. Like Orlando the cat though (anyone remember him) I am partial to plump pudding and mice pies …


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