A Bridge Crossed

The following is the continuation of a story I began as a result of a prompt given by Kellie Elmore. I continued this story writing as she encourages people to do: with no editing and no backtracking – to write until you can write no more.  (If you missed the previous posts, here are the first and second)

Credit: http://idesignow.com/photography/20-spectacular-bridge-photographs.html#.UMFW8IOCn6c
Photo Credit: http://idesignow.com

I feel the power building inside of me as the tranquillity settles in my mind. The mists swirl around me. Covering me and protecting me. I bring forth the moisture and I feel the fine raindrops begin to fall. The angry shouts begin to falter. I sense the fear: the fear that turns the hate into uncertainty. The fear adds to the misty barrier that I have created between them and me. The crowd halts, uncertain of whether to continue.

And I look skyward, confident in my attunement with nature. And then I see the crowd begin to blur. Their faces and hostile bodies begin to fade. I see through the forms and stare in wonder as, bit by bit, they disintegrate. The hate-filled crowd is gone; yet I still keep myself shrouded in my blanket of mist. For I have come to realise that I had just faced my biggest fear: my fear of being mobbed because of my gift; my fear of not being understood.

It is only those who have a weak mind that are unable to cross this bridge. I had just passed some sort of test, I am sure. I grab a handful of berries from my pouch and eat them slowly, one by one. I must not let my guard down until I had crossed over this magical entrance to the city I wished to visit. I am uncertain of what other fears are locked away in the deep recesses of my mind.

I walk the entire day shrouded in mist, the cool air keeping my body from overheating. I am able to drink  from the moisture in the air, and eat from my pouch. I do not stop as I am eager to reach my destination; eager to meet the person who is able to control minds from such a great distance.

It is almost twilight when I see the lamp posts standing guard at the other end of the bridge. My footsteps quicken with renewed energy. At last! As my foot leaves the bridge, two figures materialise in front of me.

“Welcome traveller. We have come to guide you to our Queen.”

What do you think the Queen will be like?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2012

22 thoughts on “A Bridge Crossed

  1. Oh wow, Colline… I am so pleased that you decided to continue with the story and you did so beautifully, I must say. You gripped me from the first line and kept me entranced, forcing me to read slowly and drink in your words. I love that! Completely captivating.

    I do not know what to expect from the Queen but, I do know that I anticipate our meeting with her…keep going…keep going… this is wonderful! 🙂


  2. Did not expect that, and the story deepens. My previous speculations missed by miles. I am not game to hazard any guesses as to the Queen’s character, just going to wait.

    These were the speculative thoughts after reading the previous update, which I was not sure to post as comment or not. And thank you for your message saying it would of been okay

    “Do you hear that? Something in the distance, is it coming from below, maybe the other side, or might it be just your tired earth mind playing tricks? A lone bird sits high on the bridge tower… Sorry, trying to imagine ahead, for time must be short now, and the whole situation is looking perilous for the character. All the best to them, but I fear a sticky end is indeed set to befall them.

    As I sped to get to the end ‘(I know, I should slow down)’, the above are all the thoughts that went racing through my mind, in hope for the character.”


      1. Contemplating the Queen may be young, as often youth will/might/could see no reason for adults to be hateful towards one another. Or maybe the Queen might be looking to bend the character via some false and misleading request of her services. As the Queen can not undertake a certain quest, due to it requires a particular nature the Queen does not posses… But it could go a hundred other ways too. Is this called hedging my bets 😀


        1. 😀
          I met her last night and I do admit – she does not give much away at first meeting. I will have to meet her again to decide whether she is inherently good; or has a hidden agenda!


  3. No, no dream, but this is better! Perhaps I should have waited for all the posts to be put up?
    I wait along with everyone else. What can the gift be – something attuned with nature I am thinking 🙂


  4. It takes courage to cross a bridge like that but as you wrote, we have to think of the destination our fate wants us to finish. Beautiful writing with lots of reflections on life and its challenges. Happy Holidays.


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