Give a Little Love

Each day when we walk out of our homes, we can make the decision to help others just a little: to hold the door open, pick up a glove someone may have dropped, help someone cross the road. We may think of these things as little and inconsequential. However, one small act of kindness does have a ripple effect.

The following video shows how the act of helping others can gain momentum and become something greater than that small gesture we have made. (Warning: you may be in need of a kleenex when you watch this).

Often I do these acts without thought. Now I am wondering how my small acts have snowballed. I do know that I am always grateful for the small kindnesses that are offered to me – especially when I am in need of the help.

Have you been the recipient of a kindness today? What was it?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2012



16 thoughts on “Give a Little Love

  1. You touch on many aspects of human kindness. The simple things we can do for others – those who we know, and those who we don’t … including a smile with a simple glance. Life is much more about our interactions with others than it is about ourselves. Outstanding video and post Colline!


  2. This is a great reminder, Colline. Not only is that ripple effect felt in others, but we also feel it ourselves. Small acts of politeness and kindness have a definite effect on the quality of our own day, doing them simply makes us feel good. So, go out and be selfish!


  3. I always feel like I am the one doing it, letting people go first, smiling, that sort of thing, it isn’t very often I get it back, unfortunately, so rare, that I can’t remember the last time it happened.


  4. What a wonderful place have they shown in the video! A world a whole lot nicer than the one we live in, and it takes so little. Great post, Colline, and I love the song!!! *smile*


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