Christmas is Coming

3am, Dubai Airport
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The Christmas craze has begun. People are descending on stores in search of that “perfect gift” for friends and family. The tinny sound of Christmas carols and Christmas pop songs are ignored as shoppers mill in the malls. Advertisements proclaim that a visit to a particular store will  be the last stop as all holiday needs will be met!

I try to avoid the crowds of Christmas shoppers as I flit in and out of stores late in November to purchase a small gift at one store, or a tin of biscuits at another. I know I cannot avoid the supermarket the few days before Christmas day to buy the makings of our Christmas meal; but I know I can avoid the incessant noise, the crying toddlers, the irate shoppers, and the repetitive music list continuously playing in the background.

christmas 2007
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Yes, Christmas is coming as we begin to wear our hats, scarves and boots. We wrap our scarves around our necks and my girls say to me, “Mommy, I wish we could have a white Christmas this year. It would be so awesome!” They think of the fun they could have: making snowmen, throwing snowballs, and creating snow angels. They think not only of the fun, but also of the time they could spend together with their family: laughing with their parents, and having fun with their brother.

To me, Christmas is a holiday that is spent with family. Living far from parents and siblings, my husband and I have come to treasure even more the time we spend during this period with our children. We eat together, laugh together, watch movies together, and talk together. A cushion of love is created as we spend precious time with one another from December 24th to the 28th.

Christmas: Nativity scene
Christmas: Nativity scene (Photo credit: Boston Public Library)

But Christmas is more than just shopping for gifts, eating, and spending time with one’s family. It is a time of remembrance: it is a time during which people remember the birth of Jesus Christ – a man whose beliefs became the catalyst for change in a religion. On Christmas day, we not only think of Santa Claus who comes during the night with arms filled with gifts; but we also think of the man who is pivotal in a Christian’s belief. We think of his birth and what it means to believe he was born to help us be closer to God.

It is my wish for Christmas that these holidays people think of more than just gifts and buying the material items that are on their wish list. As they sip their peppermint-flavoured coffees, I wish that they would remember why we celebrate Christmas at all.

What are your preparations for the coming holidays?

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17 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming

  1. I totally agree. I wish one could start a movement to wean people away from the over-the-top spending and over-indulging. We prefer a simple Christmas. This year, I’m in the very fortunate position to be spending Chrstmas in Switzerland.


  2. If I go to the major shopping areas, I try to go mid-week! Meanwhile, I like this thought from yesterday’s service … .in advance of Christmas, we should LISTEN …… listen so we can PREPARE …. and then prepare to WAIT.


    1. Yes – something we tend not to do when swept up with the craziness of this season. Listen, then we will know if someone is tired. Listen, the we will know what is important to our loved ones. Listen, then we will know what this time is meant to be about.


  3. Christmas preparations! Trimming a tree, putting up lights, negotiating requests and schedules. The shopping part is not my fav, but all else is part of the holiday noise. What I enjoy the most is when all is done and Xmas eve arrives, settling in with family and sharing a laugh, a good meal, and a holiday drink.


    1. And isn’t it the best to see the children thrive with joy? That to me is the reason why I do all these preparations – so that the children can have a time to remember with pleasure.


  4. I love the feel and joys of Christmas. Not so much the shopping at the crowded malls though and the pressure of buying expensive gifts. Good thing you already shop way ahead. Great strategy. Happy Holidays.


  5. Christmas always seems to sneak up on us, there aren’t the obvious Chrissie decorations everywhere, and when you do look you realise they have been put up, but they are so dorky, you wish you hadn’t noticed. I was just saying that it is funny here, it doesn’t get dark until 9pm, so unless you are out late you won’t see all the lights, and it is hot, well not today, but it is our sumemr, do Christmas can be a non event here, shame, I love it, but it just isn’t the same here.


    1. I agree. Growing up in South Africa, it did not really seem Christmassy as portrayed in books and movies – though people do do the shopping, etc. Here, however, because it is cold and dark by 5pm, one does tend to notice the decorations a bit more 🙂


  6. Honestly, I find the whole thing overwhelming and depressing at times… Besides the church service and volunteer work, I’m skipping the rest this year. We’ll have a simple family gathering…


    1. Simplicity is best I find. We tend to avoid the turkey and all the trimmings that go with it. Our meal is simple in comparison and requires a lot less time to prepare. Also we tend not to entertain people out of our close family circle.


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