A Movember Reflection

Bloggers for MovemberIt enters a life. Silently. Stealthily. Slowly it moves through the body, masking itself in symptoms that are taken to mean tiredness, a headache, a small twinge of pain that is ignored and wished away; or the loss of weight that one has been striving for.

A visit to the doctor with the desire to explain away the tiredness, ends with the début of a myriad of tests. Blood tests. PET scans. Whole body CT scans.  Misdiagnoses. Second opinions. And the final revelation. A revelation that impacts not only a single life; but also the lives of those who love the person affected.

Cancer has touched each human life in one way or another. As the leading cause of death world-wide, it is a disease that most people fear. It is an illness that does not acknowledge social status, wealth, race, or gender. Instead it seeks to take as many lives as it can.

October was breast cancer awareness month: a month during which the media sought to bring women’s attention to this particular form of cancer. And November? It is a time to create awareness on prostrate cancer: a cancer that affects the health of men in our society; a cancer that is often swept under the carpet and not spoken about.

English: Movember Support 2008
Movember Support. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Walk about the streets and this month we will see a lot more moustaches on the faces of our menfolk. With these moustaches (mo’s), they are hoping to help raise awareness for  prostrate cancer and men’s mental health issues. I am hoping, too, that these extra moustaches around will help to remind the men in our lives to go for that yearly check-up, no matter how uncomfortable it is. And yes, to eat those salads and veggies that will help to  give his body the required minerals and nutrients to stay healthy. I know I will encourage those men in my life to walk instead of drive; or to take a short run from time to time.

English: A moustache
A moustache (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Le Clown is A Clown on Fire and this month he is growing his moustache and raising awareness for the Mowember campaign. He encourages other men to join him in his quest for facial hair. Not all of us can join him in this quest, but we can support him, and the campaign, with blog posts and donations. So bloggers unite! And together with Le Clown and his blogger buddies, let us spread the growth of moustaches this month and help create awareness of prostrate cancer and men’s health issues.

Will you join the Movember Movement?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2012


16 thoughts on “A Movember Reflection

  1. It’s Movember again. I wish we women could join in, in support of our men! We could grow some hair…legs…underarms…;) Not certain it would be appreciated by our menfolk though! I love that the moustache is a visual reminder to both men and women about this slowly creeping cancer. We should also remind our men that the PSA test, a marker and baseline for prostate cancer growth is simply that – a marker that helps MDs monitor this cancer’s presence or advancement. Prostate cancer is a very slow growing cancer. There are advances being made as we speak in medical treatments that are aiming to improve treatment methods that are less invasive and provide better outcomes for men’s general and sexual health.


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