An Unexpected Discovery

 “Funny how you can live your whole life believing a lie.”

It had been two weeks since the coffin had been lowered into the ground. Two weeks of tears and of regrets. Now I had to get down to the business of clearing my parents’ papers. The house and all its contents had been left to me: no surprise as I was their only daughter; and they had continuously kept the links of communication open. I was the one who had not always responded; believing that I was strong enough, and independent enough, not to need the support of those who loved me.

I pushed open the door of their den. The task ahead of me was daunting. Books lined the walls; and papers were stuffed in the many drawers that had been placed in the room. Their entire lives were hidden amongst those papers and I was the one who had to sift through them to determine which were important.

The task was back-breaking. I had been doing this for two days now and slowly the drawers were being emptied. This morning I had started on what seemed to be the legal documents. I read with interest what had been paid for the house I now owned; and what had been received when dad sold his business. I unearthed an important-looking piece of paper from the far recesses of the drawer. Adoption papers. Puzzled, I looked at the date. Three years after I was born. As I continued reading the filled-in forms, dismay filled my heart. I had a half-sister in the world somewhere. A half-sister who was given away to hide the shame of adultery! I had thought that I was a single child; that mom and dad had loved one another to the exclusion of anyone else. Funny how you can live your whole life believing a lie. I had never thought to question what had been told to me.

Now I had to decide what to do with this information – if anything at all.

(This post was inspired by Kellie Elmore. Join her every Friday to free write a response to a quote, poem, image or thought that she has posted. Free write means you pay no attention to editing, your imagination runs free, and you stop only when you are trying too hard to complete a thought.)


28 thoughts on “An Unexpected Discovery

    1. As you know Darlene, I need to get over this little voice inside of me that does not fully believe I can do it. Hopefully with these writing exercises I can overcome my fear.


    1. It is a story 😀
      Came to my head as I was writing – I had not thought of the storyline before. Quite an amazing experience to think I came up with that with no forethought.


  1. Whoa! It’s puzzling whether this is based on personal experience or not. But actually, it’s good that it isn’t annotated for great mystery and better connection. Makes your readers actually absorb it better.


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