A Moment of Quiet

I enjoy the moments of quiet. The times when I can hear the sounds of my home: the refrigerator running, the sounds of silence coming from the bedrooms. It is a time when I can let the thoughts roam freely in my head; a time when I can think uninterrupted without a voice or a sound encroaching on my thoughts.

Quiet. The antithesis to what I spend my day in: the continuous hum of children talking while doing their daily activities; the continuous interruption to my thoughts as a child requires my attention.  The noise and the business does not allow for a moment of thought, a moment of quiet.

I come home to the sounds of a family awake and doing their daily activities: the television is on, or music may be playing. The sounds of voices can often be heard filling the spaces in the rooms. Sounds emanate from the kitchen; or music is being made as my children practice their instrument.

Yes. I have come to enjoy my moments of quiet. And to treasure them as it is in experiencing them that I am able to recharge my thoughts and my spirit.

Do you enjoy moments of quiet?

(Join me in the Five Minute Friday Challenge hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker. Participants write for 5 minutes with no editing, no over thinking, and no backtracking. This week’s prompt is:Quiet)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2012


27 thoughts on “A Moment of Quiet

  1. Hi Coline
    I am visiting from Lisa-Jo’s. I just love the way you experience your family, for this is my first empty nest year and miss my sons very much! I must admit that the sleeping a bit later in the mornings is the one perk that I truly enjoy for I suffer from Fm/CFS.
    Much love


    1. I always thought that I was a long way from experiencing an empty nest – but it seems to be getting closer as my girls approach their teens! In the meantime, I take my quiet when I can 🙂


  2. When I was a child, comments on my report cards were similar. Darlene does not interact with the others, preferring to spend time in activities alone. This was always viewed as an issue – my lack of social time with other children. But, in these moments I enjoyed thinking about things and considering meaning or solutions to events. I didn’t find that other children wanted to talk about the things I was thinking about, such as the issue of garbage we create in society and what will we eventually do about it as it piles up in the dump (had visited the dump the week earlier with a friend and her mom). Likewise, adults had no time for these discussions either.

    I read a lot and still do. Write a lot now and explore similar social issues I did as a child. People would always ask why I worried about these things. They still do. I wonder why people don’t think about these things, but have come to accept that these issues do not concern people unless it affects them somehow. So, others can take up a lot of our time with what I call ‘cocktail party talk’. Enjoyable social interraction for those leading normal lives. And this is great if you simply want some down time to enjoy the company of others. And I do, particularly enjoy the company of the wittier sect.

    But, I still need those quiet times to think, read and to write. Without this quiet time, I would be left without feeling as if I had re-charged my batteries. Quiet and solitude, having time to myself is delicious! I wouldn’t want it all the time, but I do need a healthy dose of it each day. It is wonderful to have some alone time where no one needs anything from me and is not encroaching on my thoughts.or time to take care of myself. When raising a family…and having a husband, this is essential!!!


    1. Oh yes indeed – especially when you have an inner desire to think on issues you come across in your daily life. How much more difficult it is to find the quiet when you are constantly surrounded by people and their demands.


    1. I agree! I encourage to the TV to be turned on only in the late afternoon. In this way the children have learned to do other thing instead of passively sit in front of the box.


  3. I absolutely love my quiet times. I also have to few of these times, as the same happens here – kids with their music, TV always blaring and constant jabbering and sometimes just the fact that they are always in the house… I love it when they are at school or at friends’ houses, and I’m all alone at home, then I drink in the silence. 🙂


    1. The best moment is when everyone in our household wants the quiet. Some of my favourite moments are when my children and I are lying on my bed reading together quietly 🙂


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