The Watchers by Jon Steele

My children and I stopped by the library 2 weeks ago on Saturday. While they were browsing for something to read, I stopped by the Adult New Fiction shelves. Often when I look at the titles on these shelves, I find an author whom I have not read before whose works I come to enjoy reading. The WatchersMy last visit was no different.

Looking at the covers displayed on the middle shelf, the title of a 574 page tome caught my eye: The Watchers. I picked it up and read the blurb on the inside cover of the novel: “BENEATH LAUSANNE CATHEDRAL, IN SWITZERLAND, THERE IS A SECRET BURIED BEFORE TIME BEGAN. SOMETHING UNKNOWN TO ANGELS AND MEN. UNTIL NOW …..” These bold and capitalised words intrigued me (Yes, I am a fan of Dan Brown‘s novels 🙂 ). I continued to read what is printed in the flap and I was hooked: Characters who live lives that are not what they seem. And all with one purpose: “save what’s left of paradise before all hell breaks loose.”

Cathédrale de Lausanne de nuit, février 2006
Lausanne Cathedral at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Steele slowly introduces the reader to the three main characters of the story: Marc Rochat, le guet of the Cathedral in Lausanne; Katherine Taylor, a high class call-girl who discovers that her life is not the fairytale she thought it was; and Jay Harper, a detective who cannot remember anything from his past. In the beginning of the story these three characters seem to have no connection at all. Yet their connection is adroitly weaved into the pages by this first time novelist. Add to the weave the references to the Book of Enoch, and one slowly comes to understand the reason for the title of the book. And the capitalised words printed on the inner flap. Angels and the Nephilim play an unexpected role in this story; a story that is full suspense and twists and turns.

The Watchers is catalogued in the library as murder and suspense; and yet is not like most novels of this genre. I enjoyed the unexpectedness of it; and the unusual conclusion.  For his first novel, Steele has written a tale that I could not put down. Its intrigues captured my imagination and left me with the desire to finish reading the story. If you can suspend your disbelief, you will enjoy this unusual yarn with a unique ending.

Do you enjoy reading suspense stories?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2012

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