Return of a Favourite

Last night I settled in my couch in front of the TV for a dose of my favourite reality show. My viewing of reality shows has diminished as I become fatigued with the exaggerations and the “true-life” drama that is played out in front of the camera.  I often wonder how many of those incidents are exaggerated or artificially created.  Survivor I no longer watch: I used to enjoy watching the challenges but the constant sniping and back-stabbing irritated me. Big Brother I watched once and never tuned to again. American Idol I have followed but am not saddened if I miss an episode, or switch on late. The last season of Do You Think You Can Dance I did not watch in its entirety: the egos seem to grow every year and there do seem to be better things to watch on TV.

Dancing with the Stars Show
Dancing with the Stars Show (Photo credit: Sheree K)

But Dancing with the Stars is a reality show that I never tire of. I enjoy the music, the dancing, and the glamour. The interactions of the judges never crosses the bounds: though the reaction of  Maksim Chmerkovskiy to judges comments is at times extremely disrespectful. On the whole the participants do show respect for one another and, even though it is a competition, pettiness never seems to be a part of the equation.

Last night I knew that we were in for a treat: and I was not disappointed. I enjoyed seeing my favourites dance again: Helio Castroneves, Apolo Anton Ohno, Gilles Marini and Shawn Johnston. I enjoyed watching the choreography created by the professional dancers, and the flamboyant costumes worn by the dancers. The music carried me away; and I watched the screen with a smile on my face.

The evening ended with me feeling happy: no tension caused by listening to people argue and snipe at one another; only a fervent wish that one of my favourites will not be eliminated.

Do you watch DWTS? Which reality show do you enjoy watching?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2012

26 thoughts on “Return of a Favourite

  1. In the near past I was loving to watch some of TV shows (especially this Dancing with the Stars and even in BBC too) but now I can’t find time to watch them dear Colline…. I am busy. 🙂 But you know I love dance… Thank you, love, nia


  2. I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars, I don’t like the stars they choose here in Australia. I don’t like a lot of the reality programs, and the ones I do or have watched, I have only watched in part. I used to watch Big Brother, but only the nomination night and the eliminations. I get so sick of the silly fights and the reality of what idiots most of these people really are. I mean, we do have to ask the question of what type of person goes on these shows. I do love America’s Next Top Model, but again, I really only watch the photo shoots and the judging.
    There is one I love, MasterChef, it is finished now, but I love the Australian version.
    More than you were after Colline.


    1. I think the DWTS does depend on the Stars that they choose. At least the one I watch we get to see some known stars to me – and the pro dancers are really good too. i have watched a few episodes of Masterchef, but I have not stuck to it.


  3. I seem to have drifted away from DWTS…I do think that Maxim’s behavior had something to do with it….I enjoyed this show for so many reasons…and the dignified behavior was one of these..such a nice change…but then Max…


  4. I’ve never taken to this one. Some of my friends back home love it though. We’ve started watching the X factor in London. I’m not sure how we got into it since it isn’t our typical thing.


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