Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Blogging

The harsh sound of the alarm clock pierces the silence. Soon after, the soft tread of padding feet follows with a faint creak of the door closing. Five minutes later, the computer hums to life with a faint beep. Light shines from the screen and the sound of tapping keys breaks the silence. Dawn lights up the sky and the soft cooing of pigeons are heard. The tapping keys continue. What is in the mind is slowly being transferred onto the computer screen, uninterrupted and without pause.

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It is early morning and I have risen early to write my daily blog post. I prefer the early silence of the day so that I can type my thoughts quickly before the responsibilities of the day begin. This is my time alone, my “me” time that experts are always telling moms to take. I do not spend it at spas, or at coffee shops with other women. I do not spend it in the shopping malls, or in the pub. Instead I spend it alone with the clatter of the keyboard and the quiet of dawn. It is an activity I take satisfaction in: I get to write; and I get to make connections with like-minded people all over the world.

Each day I take note of the sights and sounds around me, aware of what may be of interest to my readers. The thoughts that run through my mind are unheard: thoughts that are later translated into words. Hopefully when my post is read, some sound will be emitted from the reader. A sigh, a giggle, a swift shake of the head. I know that often I make sounds of agreement, disagreement, or delight when I am reading the posts of others.

The sound of blogging may not be as loud as a thunderstorm; and it may pass by unheard by many. It is a sound, though, that I revel in. A sound that begins my day and brings a smile to my face.

What does the sound of blogging mean to you?

(Join me and participate in the Weekly Writing Challenge created by Wordpress. The link to this week’s challenge is here.)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2012

29 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Blogging

    1. The inspiration seems to come from all around us, doesn’t it? I have found, though, that interruptions from children and husband does tend to put a brake oon creative juices 🙂


  1. The sound of coffee being brewed, then poured into a cup, a spoon clinking as I stir in milk and sugar…this is followed by the soft thud of my placing a hot cup on my desk, without it…not a single key gets pressed.
    Very nicely written Colline.


  2. you have captured the sound of blogging so well Colline. nicely written piece.
    and yes, the “me” time is made so much more rewarding through blogging.
    the time spent blogging makes us laugh with someone else. or eases someone else’s burden by sharing a kind supporting word for the delimma at hand.


    1. I love that I can connect with people – and that a blog post may make me laugh, starting my day on a positive note. And the support I get from people still amazes me.


  3. Once upon a time it was coffee (essential) and a book in that lovely snippet of morning. Then the blog took hold. Now I read until the laptop warms up (that long, huh?) then tear myself away. I’m not as fast a typist as you though, Colline (or thinker) so I rarely complete a post in the morning, unless it’s been dancing in my head all night.


    1. Happy to learn that I am not the only one to exchange an early morning read and warm drink for blogging. Thank goodness, though, we put our computer to sleep at night and don’t switch it off – waiting for it to start up does take too long!


    1. Love it: the silence, the chance to put my thoughts into words, the time spent only for me. I have tried blogging at other times of the day, and this is always the best.


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