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Runway Fashion Model
Runway Fashion Model (Photo credit:

We watch models walk down the catwalk and we see the clothes hang from them as they do on our hangers in our closets. Loose fitting. Skeletal looking. Open a fashion magazine and the women (and men) photographed to fill the glossy pages are hollow-cheeked with bodies one would expect of a child.

We have become used to seeing underweight women grace the pages of our fashion magazines and fashion runways. Designers expect rail-thin models to showcase their creations. Young girls and women starve themselves to become like the malnourished bodies of the women they aspire to imitate.

Fashion Model. (Photo credit: danielfellowes)

A country aims  to try to stop extreme dieting; the increase of eating disorders in their homeland; and the desire of the young to look like the emancipated women that they admire. Israel has now created a law that prohibits the employment of underweight models for local advertising and magazine publications. Models will therefore have to eat more; and employers will no longer have the right to expect their models to be just skin and bones. In addition, the new law will require local publications to disclose when they alter images to make the men and women in the photograph appear thinner: alterations which make already thin people look unrealistically thinner.

Models on the catwalk
Models on the catwalk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One may wonder how this new law will be enforced. Models will have to produce a medical report, no older than 3 months, that shows that they are not malnourished and underweight. The standards used will be those used by the World Health Organisation to determine who is malnourished: the body mass index,in which weight is divided by height,  should not be below 18.5.

Hopefully this new legislation will encourage youngsters to emulate the healthier body weight Israel hopes to see grace its fashion pages. In passing this law, the Israeli government is hoping that it will help stem the tide of the eating disorders anorexia and bulimia that is so prevalent among young women in their society.

What is your opinion of Israel’s new model legislation?

14 thoughts on “Fashion Women

  1. Well I don’t have to worry about falling that law. I’m a full figure woman. (smile) Great post Colline. We have to worry about both extremes. Too Thin and too large.



    1. Me neither Francine 🙂
      In headlining obesity, often we forget about those who struggle with the opposite extreme. Being underweight is s bad for one’s health as being overweight is.


  2. Hi,
    I think that is a great idea. It always worries me the amount of young girls that have eating disorders, at least this is a step in the right direction, I really hope it catches on.


    1. I agree – though there are some articles that are against it. I think Israel is brave to legally show that they are doing something to fight against eating disorders.


    1. Me too. Even as adults, I think we are sometimes susceptible to the images we see in the media. It would help with many people’s self image if we saw realistic images in the fashion magazines.


  3. I applaud the convictions of the Israelies and their enforcement of appropriate weights for models. Once we all get used to seeing models of appropriate weight, we will all be shocked by the former ultra thin/underweight models.

    It is important for all girls to see appropriate weights for girls so that they don’t believe that they are failing the ‘standard’ of beauty. Likewise, it is important for boys to see normal weight girls so that they won’t adopt a skewed version of beauty either, looking for the tall willowy non-existant female, believing that any other girl doesn’t ‘measure’ up.


    1. Yes, it is important that both boys and girls have a realistic notion of what a woman’s body should look like. In this way, woman of a healthy weight will not be called “fat”.


  4. Sadly watching their weight starts too young in girls today; they want to be like their friends, but we are all made differently. Also it is often mothers who start the idea in the childs head. Healthy eating is good; but not depriving youngsters of living the life of a child.
    On another note, off the record, when Israel decide to do something; they normally win.
    Great stuff! Israel and Colline!


    1. Thank you Liz. I know that personally I try to encourage my children to eat healthy (fruit, vegetables, not too many sugary snacks); and I encourage them to eat their fill.


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