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Cherry tree blossom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The word blossom immediately brings to mind spring days during which plants reawaken after the hibernation of winter. The air fills with the scent of beautiful flowers that show off the many plants and trees that were bare during the cold, winter months. The blossoms of Nature bring with it a sense of lightness in the people who witness it; a sense of expectation of warmer and longer days. I enjoy witnessing the change from cold, hot chocolate days to balmy days filled with watermelon and sun.

The term blossom does not only make me think of a long-awaited for season. I think of a child who struggles to master a concept or a skill: an algebraic concept, or a skill such as cutting. When that child is taken under the wing of an adult (be it a teacher or someone else in their life) that child’s confidence and understanding slowly grows with nurturing and patience. Step by step, little by little, the child blossoms as a skill is learned, as a concept is understood. It is as if the child has been awakened from the darkness of incomprehension and frustration to understanding and ability.

Confidence (Photo credit: CarbonNYC)

Adults, too, can experience blossoming. When a person finds their confidence and self-esteem, they find that they are more noticed. An inner light seems to shine from them as they go about their day with more belief in themselves. Their self-assurance may come from knowing they are good at the work they do; or from an improved physical appearance. The confidence may come from a more certain sense of self, from a better understanding of who they are.

I was what is termed as a late bloomer. I had been an adult for a decade before I found the confidence to come into my own. An unescorted trip to Europe helped me find my independence. I became more assured as I realised that I was good at the work I was doing. In addition, dancing had helped me find poise and discard the mantle of shyness that I had worn most of my life. And once my confidence and self-assurance improved, my social circle expanded and my life became even more full.

Blossom, for me, has come to mean not only the awakening of Nature after winter’s slumber, but also the awakening of my sense of self and who I came to be.

What does the word blossom mean to you? When did you blossom in your life?

(Join Jake every week for a theme for creative inspiration. This week’s prompt is Blossom.)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2012


46 thoughts on “Blossom

  1. I have alternated between blossoming and retreating back into the bud stage. This in probably related to my bipolar, but also I am shy and sometimes I can’t quite grasp that self-confidence, even when I had it just the day before.
    I enjoyed this well-written post!


    1. Thank you Anita for sharing – it must be challenging to search inside yourself for the confidence you had previously. I too have found that I have hidden myself from view for a time. I recall when I first had my baby – it took me a while before I had gained the confidence to be a mom. Seems like we mirror the seasons in our times of confidence and low esteem.


  2. Beautiful cherry blossoms. I love your post on Blossoming and all the implications. I like to think that as I’ve grown older, a certain sense of peace has blossomed in me. And I’ve had, and still have the joy of watching my daughters blossom into young women. Lovely post!


    1. Thank you Judee. You make a salient point: we go through different stages of our life, and at each stage we blossom in a different way. We watch our children change and blossom into young people; and we watch ourselves mature and blossom in our tranquillity and place in the world.


  3. to me blossoming means breaking out free 🙂
    breaking out of socially constructed barriers …
    I am blossming right now 😀 then again we keep doing it all the time.
    it’s a continuous process, I think.

    Nice post.


  4. What a lovely post as usual Colline. Love the blossoms. 🙂 As far as adult blossoming goes… I don’t think I ever had that and if I did, it was crushed the minute I started getting self-confidence or self-esteem. Maybe some of us were just meant to stay in the background. 🙂
    Thanks for the lovely comments you always leave. It meant a lot. 🙂
    *big hugs*


    1. One is never too old to break out and blossom; and some of us may show it in ususual ways. I know that your photos are definately not ones that should stay in the background 🙂


      1. I am very glad you think so Colline and thank you for trying to make me feel better hon. You are very sweet and kind. It’s very much appreciated. Maybe it’s because I don’t really see my photo’s as anything special. It’s just something I enjoy doing and I like sharing it with others who have not seen our part of the world or what we have here. Sometimes we take the things we see every day for granted whereas other people from other parts of the world see it as something quite special and interesting and I guess that is why I love sharing what I see. 🙂


          1. Sometimes. 🙂 Thanks again very much for your lovely comments and visits once again. You are a very talented writer as well and I do love your blog. Thanks for sharing your beautiful insights and experiences. 🙂


  5. I really like your introspective look at the word blossom, plus that your took it in another direction. I too do a monthly word meme, called Word 4 Wednesday, W4W. It occurs on the 4th Wednesday of each month and the word for April 25 is Inspiration. I like your writing style and deep look into the subject and would love for you to join along. I have been doing this since last year and it is a picture to word type of post, but most do a long worded post that I find really interesting and informative. I sometimes do a post the Wednesday before as a primer, with ideas and direction for those maybe needing ideas because some of the words from the word generator have been very trying.


    1. This is definately something I will consider joining. I find that the prompts make me look deep into myself and help me to consolidate who I am and what I believe in. “See” you soon “)


  6. Hi,
    I love the way you have written about blossoming, and the different ways in which you can look at the same word. Well thought out and a very nice read.
    It is amazing what a bit of Independence can achieve, it goes a long way in helping us discover who we are I feel.


  7. great post colline … I like to imagine I bloom every now and then … not quite every year … but then I bear fruit and go through barren periods again … when you are in your sixties you have had time to see it all coming and going!


  8. Wonderful post Colline. Yes, everyday we have the ability to “blossom,” to radiate , to be amazing inside and out, to feel inspired and give inspiration. Today, you get to share a part of yourself that has blossomed and it is beautiful. Your post inspires a lot of us. Stay blessed my friend…


  9. Ahh… blossoming. I can relate Coline. I too, was a shy one, with my head in a book at the library hanging out with all the other readers and writers – we are a shy bunch! I, too have just begun to entertain the idea of writing more often thanks to wordpress! I never thought of making my living from writing. From what I learned about becoming a writer, that it is a difficult way to earn a living, I dreamed of it, but there are dreams and then there is reality, thud – like paying the mortgage.

    I have several fiction story lines in my head for many years, but did not write due to just buckling down and getting a steady job to pay the bills. But, now that there is blogging, it opens up a whole new world of writing. I love that we can just write, publish and there are no inbetweens – like trying to find agents, publishers and editors. I am really glad that I can blog because there has been a writer inside of me screaming to get out my whole life, that I’ve surpressed in the name of practicality.

    I realized this when someone said that I enjoy nursing so much that they knew my dream was to be a nurse. Actually, I said, although I do love my profession and definitely helping others in the community, writing is my dream job! Then I found blogging and can do both nursing and writing. I’m ecstatic and blossoming!


    1. How wonderful it is that we can eventually find the tools that help to make us blossom. I cannot believe either how blogging has helped me blossom too. It has helped me find a voice for my thoughts; as well as help me to form my thoughts in a coherent way that others can read and enjoy.
      Here is to the freedom to blossom – and WordPress that allows us to blossom, and watch others do the same 🙂


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