Sunshine Award

No sooner do I think that I have caught up with my Award posts, then I receive yet another nomination! I have the honour of accepting the Sunshine Award from two of my readers: Leanne and Manojuchila. At Leanne Cole’s Photography, your will be taken on some beautiful field trips. In addition, her discussions on her own work encourage to think on how to make your own pictures more effective. Googsy’s Photography showcases beautiful photographs everyday. I find it relaxing to look at beautiful pictures – and to see things that I have not seen before.

In accepting the Sunshine Award, I need to answer 10 questions about myself:

  1. Favourite colour: All shades of purple.
  2. Favourite animal: The cheetah. I love its grace, especially when it is running.
  3. Favourite number: This has always been 7.
  4. Favourite non-alcoholic drink: This is definitely water. Nothing quenches your thirst more than a tall glass of water at room temperature.
  5. Facebook or twitter: Facebook. My experience of Twitter has not been too engaging.
  6. My passion: Education. Teaching has been what I always wanted to do. I enjoy helping others discover the enjoyment of learning, and there is no better satisfaction than when someone finally grasps what you have taught.
  7. Getting or giving presents: Giving. I enjoy the process of finding the correct gift for a person, and then seeing their reaction when they open it. This does not mean that I do not enjoy receiving though!
  8. Favourite pattern: I enjoy a variety of patterns – but they should be made up of my preferred colours.
  9. Favourite day of the week: Sunday. This is a day where I do not have to watch the clock and rush anywhere. Sometimes I wish it were longer!
  10. Favourite flower: I do not have a particular favourite. I enjoy the colours and beauty of all. If I had to choose I would go by scent and pick jasmine. Spring time means walking past a jasmine bush and catching a whiff of their presence.

Now for my nominations:

  1. …Things I LOVE!
  2. The Colonialist
  3. Cosy Travels of the Viking and his Kitten
  4. tanjajessicasmith
  5. jbcamera
  6. newsferret
  7. Have a Dream…..
  8. Francine in Retirement
  9. This Man’s Journey
  10. The Blissful Adventurer

I hope these blogs and bloggers bring some sunshine into your life as they do to mine.

37 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. Hi,
    Congrats on your award. I totally agree with you about flowers, there are so many wonderful flowers, with beautiful scents, it is great when you see homes with all the colours of spring in the front, always looks nice. 🙂


  2. Congratulations on your award Colline….and thank you very kindly for the mention. It’s very much appreciated! Also, as usual, I look forward to checking out your nominees!


  3. am back with a question, if i get nominated for an award that i have already been nominated for a while back do i go through the whole posting and nominating others again? how do i acknowledge the person who nominated me?


    1. I do not know what the procedure is. Maybe you can decide what you wish to do – you may not have another 10 people to nominate and may wish to give it a skip. 🙂


      1. Sometimes you just need to work yourself up to it, I did, I have been nominated for another two, but I’m not quite ready to accept yet. I will, but for now I need to think more. I’ve been thinking about generating my own award, to thank people like you who support my blog and make me feel like I am doing something worthwhile, what do you think?


        1. I think it is a great idea. The nice thing about receiving these awards is that it makes blogging worthwhile – it is an acknowledgement that the time you put into a post is appreciated by a group of people.


  4. Congratulations dear Colline, you deserve this beautiful award. And so nice to read more about you and also to introduce with new bloggers too. Thank you, with my love, nia


  5. Your thoughts and images are like the Sun’s beautiful and radiant sunshine. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing this award. It’s a joy and honor to be a part of it. Have a lovely day.


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