This Little Light

Each week Jakesprinters suggests a theme for creative inspiration. You can post your response to the theme on your blog anytime before the following Sunday when the next theme is announced. Your response can be either a photo, a video, music or a piece of writing. Remember to post your link in the comments section of the weekly challenge.

This week’s prompt is: Light

This Little Light

When I think back on the Christian songs I sang when a child, This Little Light of Mine is  one which springs to mind. I remember singing it with enthusiasm without really understanding what I was singing.

Later I learned that the little light was not only the love of Jesus and God shining through me, but also my inner self: my inner self that had been permeated with God’s love. I was singing that I was going to keep my love for God shining through – that I was not going to hide what I believed in. I was also going to show the love of God in my actions towards others, and in my love for them.

The message of this children’s song has been remade as a message for today’s generation by LZ7. The message is clear: help others and accept them as you have been accepted by God: A God who accepts all no matter who they are. The video shows a few examples of how we can let God’s love shine through to others.

Thinking on the message of this song – both the version sung by the Cedermont Kids and LZ7 – I realise that the message is relevant to us no matter how old we are. Let God’s love for us shine through to others; let our actions, words, and demeanour show that we are Children of God filled with His love.

Do you let your light shine?

16 thoughts on “This Little Light

  1. Colline!!!

    I love this post! WOW! I think that song was my favorite as a girl. We have a guitarist who visits Sundays at the LTC where I work and he sung a few of these which brought back so many good memories of when I used to attend church with my friend down the street at 11 years old. We had joined the choir and although I never believed I was a good singer but loved to sing, I was accepted simply because I wanted to join and sing. We had sooo much fun, together in that choir. I especially enjoyed singing for the congregation on Sundays with the others.
    You know how I believe in speaking to people by means that speak to them and open them up emotionally. This is the perfect venue for the younger generation! What a fabulous idea! I hope that they make some more re-makes of these songs. I’m going to download this one for my boys.
    And, every day, I think about how what I do impacts others, how I can help, or effect change in positive ways- letting my little light shine…
    Great post Colline!!!!


    1. Thank you Darlene. How often as adolescents, young adults, and adults we forget to let our light shine! We forget that we are important, not only ourselves, but to God and to others. The remake of this traditional Christian song shows us that the importance of our inner light is not old-fashioned – and it shows us too that this message can be delivered to the younger generation in a way that they will understand and enjoy.


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