Sunday Post: Recipe

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This week’s prompt is: Recipe

How often do you page through recipe books and magazines looking at photos of food and the attached recipes? Or browsed on the internet looking for cooking inspiration? (I have now added looking at food blogs to the mix!) You look at the deliciously presented food and think:”That looks yummy! I really should try making it.” But you never get round to making that dish in your own kitchen.

An example recipe, printed from the Wikibooks ...
A recipe found on the internet. Image via Wikipedia

Why do we not often try out the recipes that are printed month after month in the magazines we read? At times my first obstacle is the list of ingredients. If I do not already have the ingredients lining the shelves of my cupboard, the chances of me making a spectacular dish is slim. Unless I make an effort, my grocery shopping will not include an ingredient I may not use again. And if the recipe holds too many milk products, or too much meat, it is flipped over and forgotten.

The second reason for me not trying out a recipe is the group of eaters for whom I am cooking. My children are still at that fussy age where they hesitate to try something new – especially my youngest. My husband, too, has particular dislikes. So many recipes that I would have tried, and probably enjoyed, before my household expanded remain untested. Before I was educated in the ways of my family’s eating habits, I would try these recipes and hear “I don’t like this” – and eat the leftovers over the next couple of days.

The third reason is that the recipe at times looks just to complicated; and would require space in which to make it. I currently work in a tiny kitchen that has hardly any table top space. Making well-loved recipes at times is difficult and I cannot summon up the interest to follow a set of instructions that would require me to have more space than I currently have access to.

There are times, however, when I do break down and try a recipe that I have snipped out of the paper, or torn out of a magazine. I break down through sheer boredom with our current menu. Once the dish is made (which never looks like the photo accompanying the recipe), I waited with bated breath while the mouths at our dinner table sample the food. And if it is given the thumbs up, then I know I can add the dish to my repertoire of meals.

Do you try out new recipes frequently? What are your favourite?

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22 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Recipe

  1. I wish I tried new recipes, but I’m a wretched cook. I’ve mastered simple meals. When I try for more, it usually ends up in the bin. Cooking is an art and I admire those who can do it.


  2. Hi,
    It is very rare I will try a recipe out of a book. Many for the same reasons you have mentioned above. There is always some ingredient that I never usually buy, and I know if I bought it, it would be a total waste and never get used again, also mine never looks like the picture. 😀


  3. Hi,
    I’m with you on this one. If the recipe has too many ingredients or ones that I don’t normally use, then I don’t bother to try it. If the instructions look complicated or it looks like it will take ages then I don’t bother either. I know I’m not a good cook but I do make healthy meals.


  4. I love cooking but I don’t spend much time hunting down recipes…with one exception…Soup! I like having a big pot of homemade soup in the fridge at all times. I’m terrible about eating on the run, and grabbing something convenient, having soup that I can quickly heat up stops me from going for a sandwich. I will occasionally search online for new soup recipes to try.


  5. My eyes only sees recipes worth trying if it has 5 or less ingredients. Anything more, the brain shuts down. Oh, and picky eaters is an item I can relate to! Thanks!


  6. Yes, I hate complicated recipes…and I am not great at perfect measuring…prefer to just estimate and toss stuff in…fortunately, everything usually comes out pretty good. 🙂 And I love using the freshest healthiest ingredients…local, if possible.
    I also had a picky eater among my three kids…and I myself was one. 🙂


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