Kreative Blogger Award

I was taken aback when I was awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award three times within the space of two days. I was nominated by:

  • Jennifer Vidal who writes on her blog “M” is for Marriage and Motherhood. Jennifer is a married mom with three young children. She writes on topics that capture her interest and inspiration. I enjoy reading her posts as they are varied and can be linked to my life.
  • Tya Khan expresses herself on the blog titled Expressions in a Tcup. She features beautiful photos and well written poetry well worth reading.
  • Rana’s blog is titled simply Rana Armoush. Rana describes herself as having a passion for words and expresses herself by writing both poetry and narrative pieces. Not only does she create fictional characters, but she also writes on issues close to her heart.

As with any award, rules of acceptance have been created:

  1. Thank the blogger who presented you with this award (I have three to thank: Jennifer, Tya and Rana)
  2. Post a photo of the award
  3. Share 10 things about yourself that readers do not know
  4. Choose 6 people to present this award to
  5. Let the 6 people know that they have been awarded.

Ten things you don’t know about me? Mmmm, let me think:

  1. My favourite colour is purple in all the various shades.
  2. Tolkien is my favourite Fantasy writer. The story, The Hobbit, drew me in when I was a teen. Since then I have read The Lord of the Rings (many times) as well as all the stories written on Middle Earth and its characters.
  3. My most read classic novel of all time is Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I have lost count of how many times I have entered the world of Elizabeth and Darcy.
  4. If I were to be a land animal, I would want to be the cheetah. I admire this cat’s grace, speed and beauty.
  5. I would never be able to give up fruit as part of any diet. I enjoy the sweetness and juiceness of a piece of fruit more than once a day.
  6. I enjoy being creative and making things. Nothing relaxes me more than spending the day crafting.
  7. I spent a year in Europe on my own: including 10 months in Paris as an au pair. Not only did my French improve but also my independence.
  8. Before I married I used to dance competitively in Ballroom Dancing. I had reached the Championship level before I was pregnant with my first baby. I loved wearing the dress – it made me feel feminine. And yes, the colour was purple!
  9. Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, I experienced the first democaratic elections in the country.
  10. My first teaching job was at what was called a street school: a school independent of the government that aimed to teach those not being taught in the township schools in South Africa.

These are the blogs I have decided to nominate for the Kreativ Blogger Award:

  1. JB Camera posts beautiful photographs as well as short diary entries. The photographs are always a pleasure to look at.
  2. If you enjoy reading well-written pieces of writing, then the blog titled Short Stories is for you. A retired teacher, the writer of this blog presents us with captivating stories that are 100 words long.
  3. Sweet and Crumbly is a baking blog that presents, not only the most delicious looking recipes, but also insights into the life of the writer. The photos and recipes are inspiring – though I have not dared to try one yet!
  4. I enjoy the posts of A Window into the Woods. Through this blog I am able to experience, via photographs and writing, the animals that visit the writer’s garden.
  5. Scottseyephotos is a photoblog containing stunning photos.
  6. Photographyofnia is a photoblog with a difference. Not only does she show us what she sees, but also creates what she calls paintings of her photographs.

I hope that you enjoy these blogs as much as I do.

20 thoughts on “Kreative Blogger Award

  1. I thought you were from a Latin American country (Argentina, maybe)….A full year in Europe! That sounds like fun…Thanks for sharing such interesting facts about yourself….Congratulations on the awards! 🙂


    1. In Europe I got to fall in love with Paris, explore London, walk down the streets in The Netherlands, and experience Lisbon. I loved the year but was glad to go back home to my family and home 🙂


  2. Congratulations dear Colline. It is so nice to know more about you, with all these items I can see that we are similar… But I didn’t interest dancing as you, although I love dance… I wished to be a dancer. I know not too late… Who knows maybe one day. But about creative world and craft works, I am crazy one, you know now. I am so glad to meet with you, dear Colline, you are one of my beautiful blogger friends. And Thank you so much, I am honored. This is my first Kreative Bloggee Award. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia


  3. This was such a nice Valentine’s Morning surprise for me sweet Colline! Thank you so much and congratulations on your award. I enjoyed so much getting to know you better my friend. Please have a wonderful day, eat some fruit (maybe fresh strawberries and champagne?), and dance!


    1. Thank Geni. The dancing will come again. Once my girls are old enough to babysit themselves, my husband and I will be off waltzing and chc-chaing to our hearts’ content 🙂


  4. Congrats on the awards! Most interesting facts.
    In my personal view, the one shortcoming of all such awards is calling upon the recipient to nominate more than two more people.


    1. Thank you. I had no problem nominating people as these are the blogs I follow anyway. It is one way in which we can share with others who we read and enjoy on a daily basis – as well as patting bloggers on the back for the work they do in creating their posts 🙂


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