Is This Chocolate Addiction?

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Have you ever seen a chocolate addict take their fix?

I have heard of chocolate addiction, and thought I was a possible contender. I love eating chocolate and could quite easily have a creamy piece every day. Chocolate lovers often tease one another about their “chocolate addiction”, knowing on some level that it is all in jest.

Yesterday I was going home on the train when a young girl stepped in and moved towards the corner seat opposite me. Sitting down heavily, she immediately dug into her backpack. Taking out a large O’Henry’s candy bar, she quickly pulled off the wrapper allowing the candy covering to slip from her fingers onto the floor. My first thought was: “Litter bug!” I paid her no more heed. I continued reading my book while she ate her candy bar.

I paid attention, however, when she pulled out a large 200g Cadbury’s milk chocolate bar! Once again the entire wrapper was pulled off and thrown onto the floor. No dainty breaking of the squares for her. No savouring of the flavour and creaminess. Instead large, quick bites with no rests in between. Her entire focus was on the chocolate bar: she did not notice people getting on and off the train, she did not look around to take in her surroundings.

I could not believe a person could eat so much candy and chocolate in one sitting. Maybe I am not a chocolate addict after all as eating too much becomes sickly sweet.

Is the girl I observed addicted to chocolate? Or is she addicted to the sugar? What do you think?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2012

16 thoughts on “Is This Chocolate Addiction?

  1. I think that there are deeper issues at work in the life of that girl consuming so much chocolate at once. That fact that she was unaware of her surroundings while eating it is a signal of deeper issues at work. She was more than addicted to chocolate.


  2. I did not get to the point where I ate that much chocolate in public but on my own… I have done the same. For me the feeling was about wanting the whole world to go away and if I could just make everything stop for a moment it would give me some peace, and chocolate does not judge, it makes you feel good and full and safe and warm and there is acceptance. If that is somewhere like where she is then that is really sad. Things must be rough if she needs that level of solace and can’t get it/won’t ask for it anywhere else.

    I am learning to replace comfort eating with deep breathing, positive affirmations and exercise. When things get stressful I do want the immediate relief that food can bring. But I am learning there are better ways.


  3. Definitely problems at play there , firstly no shame on gorging herself in public
    and secondly , no shame in demonstrating her contempt for the basic rules of life
    by discarding the remnants of her obcene display on the floor
    She is only a small part of life and she comes first second and third in her feeding frenzy world


  4. Sounds like she has problems to me!! What does strike me in your post is that you can control yourself to just “a piece a day” I’m afraid if I sit down with a box of chocolates, it’s gone in one sitting and unfortunately I NEVER feel sick and so could keep on going…as a result I don’t buy boxes of chocolate. I stick to the high cocoa content which means I eat less and really savor it instead!!


  5. I’ve been off of milk for almost 3 months, so that means no chocolate — at least not the stuff with milk in it. I do, however, love me some Enjoy Life chocolate chips, but they contain cocoa, not milk. However, I still eat sugar and not the pure stuff either. We drink the throwback pepsi and mountain dew because it has “real sugar”. So we have, by no means, have gone completely loco yet..I mean healthy. Anyway, I used to crave chocolate all the time. And thinking about if this is a sugar fix or a chocolate fix, in my opinion, I’d have to say its a chocolate one…or possibly a gluten or casein one. I don’t do gluten or casein (which is found in milk, even chocolate) and so maybe this girl is addicted to the gluten or casein. I’m getting all technical here, but people who eat a lot of bread products are definitely addicted to gluten. And people who eat a lot of milk are also addicted to casein. Or atleast I’ve been told that. Anyway, I have to say I don’t crave those things as much, but I do crave sugar still. If we have it in the house, I will eat it/drink it non-stop. So who knows. Maybe the whole chocolate bar is a sugar fix. One might never know unless they actually remove all sugars from their diet and try to eat better. But the fact that this girl ate so much chocolate made me kind of sick. I can’t eat that much sugar anymore. I even turned down candy last night because I had too much (so unlike me)…so maybe I’m getting healthier after all. LOL. Sorry for the rambling.


    1. Even though Pepsi and Mountain Dew have what they label as real sugar, it is still refined and plays havoc with our body’s sugar levels. Removing these drinks from your diet will help you avoid the sugar blues 🙂


  6. Suppose we all have our addictions in some way; but sadly that girl had other issues. Some “addictions”, are really more like habits, bad or good. If it makes you feel good, have that chocolate (Lindt ball) after dinner! Have two!


    1. I love the Lindt chocolate – and often have a piece with tea after dessert. 🙂
      I agree with you that this girl probably has other issues in her life and eating the candy helps her to get through it.


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